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Alongside Dr. O’Brian or Dr. Baucom, we’ve included a 5-session training package to equip your pet with essential skills and guidance to thrive.

In addition to working with Dr. O’Brian or Dr. Baucom, we’ve incorporated a 5-session training package to provide your pet with the skills and guidance they need to thrive. We firmly believe that consistent follow-up and training are key to achieving the best outcomes for our furry friends. During your initial 60-minute consultation, Dr. O’Brian or Dr. Baucom will delve into your pet’s history and narrative, and discuss why they likely have the behaviors they have and what the prognosis for change is for the pet. Following this, Dr. O’Brian or Dr. Baucom will collaborate to design a personalized treatment plan tailored to your pet and your family. These treatment plans may involve a combination of behavior modification, environmental adjustments, as well as medication or supplement options.

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Recheck Appointments

Follow-up appointments are a vital component of helping your dog or cat. Recheck appointments are 30 minutes long and renew the 30 days of email support with Dr. O’Brian or Dr. Baucom.

Your first recheck appointment is recommended about 4- 6 weeks following your initial visit. Dr.O’Brian or Dr. Baucom can continue to work with your pet for as long as you need and provide support with ongoing recheck visits.

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Comprehensive Behavior and Training

Our Comprehensive Behavior and Training Package is designed to ensure the best outcome possible for your beloved pet’s behavior problems. Addressing behavior problems does not typically require a thorough approach with consistent follow-up. The package not only streamlines the process but also saves you $475 compared to purchasing the components individually. It includes an initial evaluation and three follow-up rechecks with Dr. O’Brian or Dr. Baucom, allowing for thorough monitoring and adjustments as needed.

You and/or your veterinarian can email Dr. O’Brian or Dr. Baucom to follow up with questions and concerns within 30 days of your consultation. After 30 days, a recheck appointment is required for further communication and plan adjustments.

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Training Package

Navigating the complexities of your pet’s behavior challenges can be so difficult, and it can be difficult to know where to start on a behavior modification plan. This is where our experienced training steps in, offering personalized guidance to illuminate the path forward.

Training packages are highly recommended. This includes five 45-minute sessions. Packages are encouraged as opposed to individual sessions as training requires practice and follow-up for the best outcome. You’ll employ positive reinforcement and evidence-based methods to enhance the behavior of your dogs and cats while fostering trust, confidence, and effective communication with your pets.

Single Training Session

If you would like to try a training session to see if we are the right fit for you, you can schedule a single 45-minute session. You can schedule a package following an individual session if you’d like to move forward with a comprehensive training plan.


Coming soon! Streaming webinars are available for training credits!

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