What To Expect

Your vet’s role is vital for your pet. VVBM requires a referral from them for collaboration. They ensure pet wellness.

What To Expect?

Your Primary Care Veterinarian’s Involvement:

Your primary care veterinarian plays a crucial role in your pet’s well-being. Referral from your primary care veterinarian is an essential and required component of working with VVBM. Legally, we must partner with your primary care veterinarian to make any behavioral health recommendations. We also cannot prescribe any medications directly for your pet. This is because of our lack of an established veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) due to the virtual nature of our consultations.

More information on the VCPR is available HERE.

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How It Works:

  • Your primary care veterinary will need to submit a referral for your pet, agreeing to a partnership in treating your pet for behavioral concerns. Your primary care veterinarian will also need to submit the medical history of your pet.
  • You will fill out a history form about your pet’s behavior.
  • Your initial visit is a 60-minute virtual appointment to review your pet’s history, go over likely reasons for your pet’s behavior, and discuss a management plan. You and your primary care veterinarian will receive the suggested treatment plan.
  • You and/or your veterinarian can email our veterinarians to follow up with questions and concerns within 30 days of your consultation.
  • You can schedule 30-minute recheck appointments as often as you would like to follow up with our veterinarians. These appointments are at minimum recommended 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks after your first appointment.
  • Recheck appointments renew the 30 days of email support.